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Coffee and a Keynote

Coffee and a Keynote

Discover the concepts that matter to you for free

From Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Digital Literacy, Coffee and a Keynote explores the topics you care about and seamlessly demonstrates how to integrate them into your teaching practice.

Prepare to be inspired by leading-edge techniques for engaging students and transforming them from learners to leaders. Delivered for FREE, this series will offer ready-to-go resources, practical tips and end with an interactive Q&A hosted by Dr. Alec Couros.

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Sean Lessard bubbling up keynote
Coffee and a Keynote Details

Keynote speaker: Sean Lessard
April 28th, 11am. EST/8am PST

Bubbling up

Hosted by Dr. Alec Couros

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Past Keynotes

Our library of keynotes is a must-watch, from weaving information literacy across the curriculum to discovering the SDGs. Completely free with your Let's Talk Science account, learn how to harness the concepts of tomorrow to develop the skills needed to thrive today.

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Discover how a few simple steps can promote inclusive, equitable and lifelong education for all.

Written by Dr. Jennifer Williams, the co-executive director and founder of Take Action Global, a non-profit organization committed to climate education, this checklist is a must-read for all educators.

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